Is AutoML really automatic? 

First automatic transmission car

Meet Shoodoo’s Autonomous Machine Learning – Predictive analytics as a service.


  • Would you hire a driver if you have an autonomous car?

  • Would you hire a secretary if you have an auto-scheduler?

  • Would you hire an analyst if you get your forecasting predictions delivered to your inbox every day? 

Lately, we’ve seen companies taking great pride in their market offering of what they call AutoML. People are assuming that since there’s “Auto” in the name, it’s being done automatically. Wrong!
They also assume that no data scientists are required to operate these tools. Wrong Again!

In reality, AutoML is similar to an automatic transmission in the sense that it is freeing the driver from having to shift gears manually BUT he still needs to drive the car.

Predictive analytics as a service is, in fact, similar to the autonomous vehicle, where no intervention on the user’s end is needed and no technical knowledge is required. The user simply selects a business question, uploads his data and almost instantly receives the desired predictions (Like magic). 

With AutoML a company still needs to hire and train a team of data scientists to build and support its ML-based products. With Shoodoo’s Autonomous ML – you receive your predictions as a full-service.

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