Join Shoodoo’s professional network to monetize your expertise effortlessly and earn recognition.



Shoodoo works with large corporations that generate very large datasets. This data requires constant analysis to predict the outcome of business-critical questions. Companies willingly share their datasets with us as all data is anonymized and kept secure through a process of obfuscation and abstraction. Members of Shoodoo’s network of data analysts receive access to this enormous data volume for modeling purposes.

Practice drives excellence. Shoodoo provides you with the ability to create, upload and compare your data model results for specific questions. The more accurate your models become the more they will be used to predict the outcome of business questions, which results in more rewards for you.

Every predictive model you developed can now be easily monetized by uploading it to Shoodoo’s platform to benefit from recurring revenue opportunities for the models you already developed. With every new customer question Shoodoo’s AI technology tests EVERY model in Shoodoo’s Hub to determine the optimal prediction strength for a specific question and data set. This gives every model the opportunity to be chosen for multiple questions resulting in multiple revenue opportunities for the same model.

Compete with other data scientists from around the world to deliver the best performing data model for a specific business question. The winning model secures the prize. Shoodoo automatically runs a contest to develop a new data model if no suitable model is found on its hub or if the models’ outcome is below the required prediction strength threshold.

Shoodoo provides you with the opportunity to get noticed for your work and to earn recognition for your results. You will be able to see how your model ranks against the others for specific questions, how you ranked for models you entered in contests and how many times your models were used to predict the outcome for business questions. Your personal score will be visible to Shoodoo’s clients and to your fellow data scientists on our network.