How to Decide Which AI Solution Your Business Needs

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  In the past several years we have witnessed exponential growth in the quantity of digital data created, gathered, and analyzed by businesses, using artificial intelligence (AI). Using AI, businesses are able to optimize churn analysis, sales forecasting, product recommendations, and many more. A recent survey demonstrated that companies that utilize AI for predictive purposes, on average, outperform companies that do not. We commonly hear that these days, introducing AI into your business has become easier than ever before.  AI:…

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How predictive analytics can impact better decision making in your organization

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For over 12 years we’ve been working with executives in leading industries and enabling them to get informed decisions using business analytics. We encountered a whole slew of use cases for predictive analytics, ranging from workflow optimization, predicting churn, best offers, lead conversion, stock levels and all the way to minimize defects and improving internal HR management.  We realized that only 4% of decision makers use predictive analytics regularly. To get a better understanding of the challenges and how predictive…

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